This MAY our monthly All-Nighter returns 🌟

We’ll be open from 10.30pm-6am with all the tunes you love 🎶

There will be Indie/Britpop in our main room, Alt/Rock/Metal in Room 2, and the best new tunes on the Roof Terrace!

£5 entry, last entry at 3am.

There will be no advance tickets for this event, we’ll be pay-on-the-door only.

HAYSEED DIXIE + Special Guests – 5th October

Hayseed Dixie began one innocent Summer day in 2000 when John Wheeler and Mike Daly drank roughly enough whiskey to float a battleship from the Florida Coast over to Portugal and back and decided to play around in John’s studio. Having spent the previous few years touring around with assorted country hat-acts, John had assembled a proper pile of recording equipment. Thus when he and Mike discovered in their drunken epiphany that the Lost Highway of Reverend Hank Williams and the Highway to Hell of Bishop Bon Scott were indeed the same identical stretch of tarmac, they were well and truly prepared to document this revelation in situ.
East Nashville, Tennessee in the Summer of 2000 was a proper Bohemian party place, and a few friends stopped by, drank some of John’s whiskey, and played and sang on this recording here and there, as was the custom of the times. And ten AC/DC songs were suddenly reimagined and recorded forever anew, entirely reinvented as Appalachian Mountain hillbilly rave-ups. Everyone danced (oh how they danced!) around the studio room and out onto the porch and drank more whiskey. (You should have been there. Really. You should have.)

Now, functioning well as “Exhibit A” in the demonstration of how one’s beginnings rarely know one’s ends, Hayseed Dixie have evolved into a proper force, one that most people either love, hate, or have never heard of. There isn’t really any middle ground, nor should there be. But fourteen albums – consisting of both original material and reinterpretations of previously rendered songs – and global physical *sales in excess of half a million copies, with over 1,200 live shows in 31 different countries testify: Hayseed Dixie are the undisputed creators of the musical genre, Rockgrass. There are many copycats, converts, and disciples out there. Accept no imitations.

And now, holding up their own idiosyncratic mirror to an unsettled and unsettling 2017, Hayseed Dixie offer up their 15th studio album, a collection of both original songs and reinterpretations of R&B and Soul classics. Dance with them as they probe the queries: “Why do we still believe there is such a thing as ‘race’?” “Are concepts like ‘nations’ and ‘nationality’ really useful to people who lay bricks or perform kidney stone surgeries?” and “Why does every song always sound better with a banjo in the mix?” The boys are seeking after the root core categorical commonality that runs like an eternal golden braid throughout all of humanity. Then they will buy it a drink!

Tickets are on sale now via The Sugarmill  Music Mania or Gigantic.

MAN & THE ECHO + Special Guests – 6th October

Man & The Echo return at last with their new single, How Julius Beat The Gauls released on 25th April 2022. But from where are they returning?

At the Battle of Alesia in 52 BC The Roman Army, led by Julius Caesar, defeated a confederation of Gallic tribes by building a fortification which kept the besieged Gauls locked in their territory, isolated from supply chains and relief.

How Julius Beat the Gauls imagines a fictitious (wink) world where the same tactic is used, but by a people unto themselves.
In a world cocooned by stagnancy, entertained by nostalgic amusements at retail cathedrals, and insulated from change or progress, the inhabitants are left to ponder; Could this really happen? Has it? If it hasn’t then what has?

The track was written and recorded at Tuff Gong Studios, Warrington, (where Man & The Echo are artists in residence) and mixed in Forest Hill by James Rand (Party Nails/Raf Rundell)

Tickets for this show go on sale 10am Fri 29th April via The Sugarmill  Music Mania or Gigantic.

STIFF LITTLE FINGERS + Special Guests – 5th August

Stiff Little Fingers are pleased to announce a run of UK shows around their festival appearances and Ireland dates this summer and early autumn, under the banner “In Your Backyard – Summer 2022 Tour”.

Jake Burns comments “After our March tour we couldn’t wait to be back for the summer so decided to put in some headline dates in towns we don’t often get the chance to visit – hence the “In Your Backyard” tour title … see you all shortly!”

“If ever there was a place on this gobshite planet to incubate good punk rock, that place is Belfast…. And sure enough, the Northern Ireland capital has gifted us with one of the greatest punk bands of all time, Stiff Little Fingers. Rather than wallow in the provocative-for-provocation’s-sake nihilism of their English counterparts, Stiff Little Fingers drew from first-hand experience of their hometown’s Troubles, imbuing their frustration with their island’s inherent, elegiac tunefulness … And the Fingers are still soldiering on, with original singer/guitarist Jake Burns and bassist Ali McMordie joined by guitarist Ian McCallum and drummer Steve Grantley…. Like their peers, Stiff Little Fingers give a two-fingered salute to the hypocrisy of the world, but unlike others, their music locates hope amid the rage. ” — Ned Lannamann



Tickets for this show go on sale 10am Fri 29th April via The Sugarmill  Music Mania or Gigantic.

EMPLOYED TO SERVE + Burner + Special Guests – 20th May

Two years on from their last full length, Eternal Forward Motion, Employed To Serve have announced their return with their fourth album, Conquering, due for release via Spinefarm Records on September 17th 2021.
Employed To Serve’s latest release, Conquering, is a fully realised metamorphosis into the band they’ve always wanted to be. Drawing influence from the music of their youth and a new perspective on how to nurture the positive aspects of humanity and individual growth, Conquering is a celebration and acknowledgement of triumph in the face of a world that can be relentlessly adversarial.

Tickets for thisare on sale now via The Sugarmill  Music Mania  or Gigantic.

BILLY NOMATES + Special Guests – 28th Nov

If there’s one question that informs Tor Maries writing as Billy Nomates more than any other it’s this:
whose voice isn’t in the room?

A beacon of brutal truth in an industry built on inconsequential bullshit, the Bristol-based singer songwriter gives voice to the silenced, the disillusioned, the broken-hearted, and the burnt-out,
assembling brilliantly biting dispatches from the fringes of a society mired in austerity, inequality and
insularity. Or, as Maries puts it, with trademark bluntness, “There’s too much music in the world
already, so everything I make has to count.”

“Make everything count” might just as well serve as Maries’ creative mantra. From the impactful
imagery powering her soulful and bleakly humorous post-punk, to the economy of sound she
achieves with her defiantly DIY set-up, there’s not a superfluous detail in the entirety of Maries’
output as Billy Nomates so far. It’s this very combination of authenticity and searing insight that
made 2020’s self-titled debut such a revelation, winning Maries admirers including Iggy Pop, Geoff
Barrow, Sleaford Mods and Steve Albini. And as she moves now onto album number two, Maries is
more focused on her mission as ever, not least because the path to this point has been nothing
short of torrid.

Insightful and meaningful are the operative terms, for in Tor Maries we have a documentor of post-
Brexit malaise quite like any other, capable of scything through the BS armed with little more than a
sticky, five-key synth and a brilliantly barbed couplet.

Tickets for this show go on sale 10am Thursday 21st April via Music Mania or Gigantic.

THE REYTONS + Special Guests (Keele SU) – 5th Nov

The Reytons have quickly risen from hometown heroes in South Yorkshire to a nationally renowned indie-rock outfit. A word of mouth sensation, they continue to hit the country with sold out show after sold out show, with an almost football-like tribalism translating to their gig atmospheres in war chants and flares.

The Reytons built on their Top 40 charting EP in February 2021 by smashing an 11th place finish with their debut album ‘Kids Off The Estate’ in November 2021, up against the likes of Abba, Ed Sheeran, Little Mix and Taylor Swift.

Frequent support has been received from the likes of BBC Radio 1 who have championed The Reytons with spot plays on Future Artists & The Indie Show (Jack Saunders), Future Sounds (Annie Mac), plus Radio X (John Kennedy) and more.

Recently dubbed as ‘a colossal live force’ by Clash, The Reytons are already infamous for their raucous live shows. After selling out every single show on their 2021 album tour, the Reytons went on to sell out Rotherham’s prestigious 4,500 capacity Magna in only 10 hours, before taking their trademarked live carnage the length of the UK, playing to thousands in Spring 2022..

After a summer of huge support slots and festival shows, including two massive slots with Gerry Cinnamon, The Reytons hit the academies, taking on huge rooms in each major UK city.

Tickets for this show go on sale 10am Wed 13th April via Music Mania or Gigantic.

FEROCIOUS DOG + Special Guests – 16th Sept

Ferocious Dog are a six-piece band who deal in a vibrant vein of Celtic-folk infused punk rock, comfortably slotting in between Billy Bragg and The Levellers. However, like The Levellers and New Model Army (also listed as an influence), Ferocious Dog have a broad spectrum of influences, tied together by the band’s left-leaning convictions and a shared desire to communicate through music.

The band has headlined tours of the UK and Europe, performed in Kenya and Dubai, festivals such as Bearded Theory, Alchemy, Deerstock, Farmer Phil’s Festival, Splendour, Lowlands (Netherlands), Glastonbury Festival and Beautiful Days among many others.

Tickets for this show go on sale 11am Mon 11th April via The Sugarmill  Music Mania  or Gigantic.

Move:Ment & Darius Syrossian Presents – MOXY MUZIK

One of the hottest parties in the UK is coming to Stoke!
Darius Syrossian is bringing his Moxy Muzik brand to Stoke for a bank holiday special!
Moxy Muzik has been a beacon of light over the last few years in UK clubland and if you’ve been to any of their events, you will know exactly what all the fuss is about!
Darius is, and always has been about being real. No gimmicks, no fads, it’s all about the music, which is one of the main reasons why Darius’s ever growing popularity shows no sign of stopping. A flurry of vinyl releases has cemented the brand as a genuine underground titan and Darius’s commitment to being the complete DJ, never being pigeonholed, sees him playing with ease on the most serious of techno line ups as well as a Defected party. He is modern house music personified.
Join Darius and his crew for a very special bank holiday party this June! It’s gonna be a memorable party for sure!

DEVILS NIGHT #168: Twisted Disney – 30th April

Best costume wins a pair of BLOODSTOCK FESTIVAL TICKETS – so make those outfits good!!

£6 on the door – or limited advance tickets are available via SeeTickets

Aaah, Disney… the all-American symbol of sweet, sugary, heartwarming, family-oriented, the-good-guys-win entertainment. EVERYTHING WE HATE… But what if Snow White was a psychopath? What if Ariel ate humans? If Sleeping Beauty wasn’t just sleeping… but woke up anyway? If Pocahontas took scalps? Aladdin’s Creed?
“When you wish upon a star…” (skips away, twirling chainsaw)
(And no, costumes are not compulsory – but they are more fun!)
DEVILS NIGHT is Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire’s longest running metal and alternative night, established in 2006. With cage dancers, fancy dress themes and request friendly beardy DJ!
Playing the best of metal, hard rock, grunge, pop-punk, and metalcore.
Strictly 18+ only (ID required)
  • This week at Electric Fridays our Bodega Bay cans are Buy One Get One Free! 🍹🌴 In typical fashion we'll have Indie… ,






Tickets: 0115 896 0163
Telephone: 01782 243 104